IT Staffing & Augmentation


Communikeyz is a full service staffing provider that brings a fresh new innovative approach to the staffing world. We have an experienced staff that is able to cater to our client requirements by carefully matching the requirements with a potential candidate within the Communikeyz ecosystem. Our ecosystem based methodology allows us to recruit, train, and test the highest caliber employees. This new approach to staffing allows Communikeyz to have a more intimate connection with each of our candidates—thus allowing our clients to benefit from receiving the perfect candidate for the opportunity.

All of Communikeyz candidates are individually screened and categorized based on their certification and experience. Our internal experts who are industry certified interview each candidate based on client requirements before that candidate meets the client. This interview increases the success criteria for our clients as well as the satisfaction rate. Our initial candidate presented for an opportunity is selected 8 out of 10 times. Communikeyz is so confident in matching the right candidate with the right opportunity that we will guarantee the work of the candidate for the first 90 days

Staff Augmentation

Turn Key:

Communikeyz’s approach to staff augmentation is unique as we offer two approaches based on the size and experience of the client with respect to a technology or specialization. For small to medium size organizations, Communikeyz can provide a “turnkey” staff augmentation solution where we are able to provide an onsite resource to assist the client with determining the right skill set.

This approach formulates a partnership with the client and fosters a deeper understanding of the skills and experience required for a particular project. Communikeyz is able to provide all clerical and administrative functions pertaining to the procurement, on-boarding and ongoing management of the resources. This allows the client to have a specialized individual who is intimate with their internal processes not have to bear the burden of having a full time resource

Project Based:

This is normally the choice of project based organizations as well as large clients that require some specialized expertise for specific projects. In this scenario, Communikeyz will work with the client to determine the exact skillset required and once a resource requirement is identified–Communikeyz will match those requirements to members in its community. The Communikeyz community is comprised of both candidates as well as certified partners that are able to locate proper candidates and channel them through Communikeyz’s screening process.
Maintain tight control
Integration with complex internal processes
Infusing new skills while still leveraging existing capabilities
Filling project gaps with specialized skilled resources
Acquiring more resources to complete an active project
Effectively manage constantly changing IT staffing needs
Achieve breakthrough gains in productivity and efficiency
Going beyond core competencies and overcoming lack of internal capabilities
Implementing best practice and guidelines for a project
Placing the responsibility for management, risks and results outside the company
Stay focused on the results and core business
Large scale outsourcing which delivers increased productivity and cost benefits
Companies with no IT or development staff